AHC Architecture Database

About the Architecture Database

The Kenan Research Center maintains a significant collection of architectural drawings produced by prominent Atlanta firms. The collection includes approximately 3,750 jobs dating from 1823 to 1996. The majority of the structures illustrated in the collection were built in Atlanta. Other Georgia towns, however, such as Augusta, Decatur, Griffin, and Macon, are also represented. Some drawings depict buildings in other southern states such as Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  Noteworthy collections include the works of Bodin & Lamberson; Frazier & Bodin; Hentz, Reid, & Adler; Hentz, Adler & Shutze; Ivey and Crook; James Means; Leila Ross Wilburn; and Norris & Lynch. Files may include renderings of facades, floor plans, cross sections, and many other design elements.  

Patrons may search the database by the architect or firm’s name, building name, original owner’s name or job number. A list of matches for the search terms will yield entries displaying the above-mentioned categories. The id field may reveal information such as location (street, city, and state), building type, dates of design, and the number of pieces in the collection. The database will also provide the location of the drawings within the archives of the Kenan Research Center. 


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